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Inside Infinite Inventory Management

Product Responsibility

Our packaging not only holds the good stuff - it is the good stuff.

Packaging is more than just a container to us. And as industry leaders in our use of post-consumer recycled plastic, our sustainable packaging embodies our mission to nurture the health of today and the next seven generations. We aspire to reach our goal of 100% products and packaging using biobased or post-consumer recycled content by 2020.

In every packaging decision we make, we consider the impact to health, safety, and sustainability of people and the planet.

Product Sourcing

We hold all suppliers and manufacturers to the same high standards and accountability that we hold for ourselves.

We work only with manufacturers who share our core values, as well as our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint throughout the sourcing and manufacturing process.

Glossary of terms

  • Standard of Excellence in all Aspects of Business
  • Ethical and Responsible Conduct in all Operations
  • Respects for the Rights of All
  • Respect for the Environment
  • Champion Honesty, Responsibility, and Radical Transparency
From ingredient sourcing, employee benefits, action and advocacy, and beyond, we set a high standard for all aspects of our business.